A mother abandons her child as an infant, and forces her way back into his life after he becomes rich and successful. She fights to claim all that he’s worked for, eliminating anyone who stands in her path. Starring: Odunlade Adekola, Olaniyi Afonja, Wale Akorede, Toyin Afolayan.

Iran Otoshi – Yoruba Movie

Iran Otoshi |IBRAHIM CHATTA| – 2017

A truly touching story based on the life of a small family who live from hand to mouth, their lives is centralized on poverty…till all is lost victory cannot be claimed. Starring: Ibrahim Chatta, Ibrahim Yekini, Joke Muyiwa

Isaa Akeeke

Isaa Akeeke – Latest Yoruba Movie 2017 Premium Drama

Mabinuori seems to be a good man on the outside till he had a fatal accident. After series of failed treatment, his wife seeks solution to her husband’s long illness. Meanwhile, more trouble lurks around Mabinuori’s sick bed.

B’OGIRI O LANU-Yoruba Movie

If there are no cracks in the wall the lizard cant intrude it simply means if we don’t give listening ears to rumor mongers there won’t be issues.